Our Projects

What we have done

Our projects focus on the following instances:

  • School mental health including substance abuse and depression.
  • Poor mental health in school going children has been directly related to school dropout, difficulties in learning, behavioural problems, poor performance in school and truancy. Schools provide a great setting to promote mental wellbeing, prevent mental illness, and facilitate early identification and intervention for children with mental illnesses and combat stigma associated with mental illness. Substance abuse also continues to be highly prevalent in the school setting with opportunity for induction into substance abuse.
  • Our work in this area focuses on mental health integration in schools as well as developing interventions such as screening and counselling to prevent early onset of mental illnesses and address risk of substance abuse.

Projects we have accomplished are:

We focus on the identification of suicide predictors by identifying risk and protective factors for suicide, and barriers and facilitators to uptake of services. This information is key in informing policy and interventions toward the prevention of suicide.
CHILD ABUSE; this program creates a platform to address mental health challenges that accompany physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children, particularly the girl child. We help the girl child who may have become a victim of her circumstance through a process of self-discovery and liberation.
This program is a platform we use to spread our outreach and impact through partnerships and collaboration. Our volunteers get the opportunity to attend national and international conferences and workshops to build on their experience, and they return to the organisation to plan activities and offer opportunities for young people to participate in monthly group activities and outings. These activities range from workshops, to book readings, conferences, seminars and skill acquisition programs.
  • STREET CHAT AND INTERVIEWS (DKF communications team will be on the streets, to document what people think about mental health, and how they manage the issues. This information will help our team on how to serve our clients better.)
  • DKF HAVEN (We are working on a fund raiser, to secure a facility where people can freely feel comfortable to check and report cases of mental health crises. We will have professionals at the centre to examine people, and if any medication is needed we will make referral and pay for the medication. We will also keep record and monitor the progress of all our clients.)
  • DKF SKILL ACQUISITION WORKSHOPS (0ur skill acquisition workshops will continue)
  • MEDITATION AND YOGA CLASSES (Meditation and Yoga classes, are some of the activities that help reduce stress and keeps the mind focused. We will be conducting research on our to apply this in a way that will help members of our community)
  • SCHOOL PROJECT (DKF is working on a program that will equip primary and secondary schools with clinical psychologist as school counsellors. Our counsellor school placements will monitor the red flags among students and make reports at our centre for the issues to be addressed on time. This way, we will be able to reduce the cases of mental illnesses that go unnoticed and later become a problem to families and the community at large.)
  • DKF INTRNATIONAL PROJECT (DKF is introducing a cultural exchange tour. Yes we travel overseas to attend conferences and learn, but people can also travel down to Nigeria, learn and see how we can work together to promote our communities collectively as Africans. This tour will provoke conversations on healing and reconciliation for Africans, it will provoke conversations on the need for Africans in the diaspora to do more in connecting themselves and their children to their roots and culture. It will help change some of the negative narratives about Africa and show the world the talent and potentials evolving from our continent. It will promote learning and research in African Arts and culture. It will connect young African leaders around the world for more development projects. (Please create a page for this, because there is more content to come later. People will pay for this trips and the service charge will go to the foundation.)